Spray Foam Roof

What is a spray foam roof? The simple answer is it is foam that is sprayed on to your roof. However, there is more to it than that. A spray foam roof is lighter and comes with less maintenance than its more traditional counterparts. J&J Roofing has been using this roofing type for many years on commercial buildings. Do you have a building in Springdale, AR that you would like to have a spray foam roof on? Call us today (870) 849-0100, that way we can give you more information on a spray foam roof.

Spray Foam Roof Benefits

Spray foam roofing offers many benefits to your commercial building and the business it protects.

It is Lightweight

Spray foam roofing is lighter than that of other roofing systems. This means that it does not cause less strain on the building structure over all as a different roofing system would.

After the foam is sprayed, it expands to 30 times its original size. This helps with insulating your roof as it fills in all the gaps your roof may have. Its compact nature makes it extraordinarily durable and makes for a great long-term solution.

Once the foam has been sprayed and dried it is waterproof, allowing no water to enter your commercial building.

It is also fantastic for reducing your energy costs as well as noise pollution. It is great for buildings that have a lot of machines or when your building is close to a road.

Low Maintenance

With any roofing system there is some level of maintenance that is required to keep the roof in excellent shape throughout the years. With spray foam there is still maintenance, but it is significantly reduced than other options.

Spray Foam is naturally waterproof, meaning leaks will no longer be a problem that you have to manage. Its density makes it impenetrable to pests that can cause all sorts of issues. These factors leave only a couple of things that need routine maintenance, these are recoating and repairs from storm damage or age.

Recoating adds an extra layer of protection from the harmful UV rays from the sun. Repairs are going to be needed over the years but again they will be easier to manage than traditional roofing materials.

Call Us for More Information

Spray foam roofing offers even more benefits. If you have a building in the Springdale, AR region and would like to learn more about a spray foam roofing system, please give us a call. The J&J Roofing experts are happy to help you with your spray foam roof. Contact our office at (870) 849-0100.