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At J&J Roofing in Jacksonville, AR we have a reputation for providing excellence in roof coatings. Commercial roof coatings are our specialty, strengthening and protecting commercial roofing systems. This post will discuss commercial roof coatings, their importance, their advantages, the many varieties, and how J&J Roofing provides high-quality treatments for Jacksonville commercial structures. If you are interested in learning more, do not hesitate to reach out to our team on 870-849-0100.

What are roof coatings?

Roof Coatings

Roof coatings improve a roofing system’s longevity, weather resistance, and performance. Commercial roofs are protected from UV radiation, severe temperatures, and water damage by these coatings. We apply sophisticated roof coatings to Jacksonville, AR business buildings for maximum protection and endurance.

Benefits of Roof Coating

  1. Extended Roof Life: Roof coatings enhance commercial roof life. Coatings defend against sun, rain, and other environmental damage by functioning as a barrier. Our applications strengthen roofs to last.
  2. Leak Prevention and Waterproofing: Roof coatings prevent water intrusion with a smooth barrier. This is particularly important in Jacksonville, where heavy rains and abrupt storms may damage business roofs. Our precision coatings weatherproof commercial premises.
  3. Reflective Energy Efficiency Properties: Many contemporary roof coatings, especially reflective ones, reflect a lot of sunlight. This reflecting property reduces heat absorption, cools inside, and saves electricity. We improve commercial building energy efficiency with sophisticated reflective coatings.
  4. Lower Cooling Costs: Reflective roof coatings save energy and money on cooling. These coatings reduce solar absorption, keeping buildings cooler and reduce HVAC load and energy costs.
  5. Protecting against UV: UV light from the fierce Arizona sun may prematurely age and damage commercial roofing. Roof coatings block UV rays, safeguard roofing materials and extend roof life.
  6. Smooth Repairs and Maintenance: Roof coatings are seamless, making repairs and upkeep easy. Damaged areas may be recoated without expensive repairs.

Roof Coating Types

  • Acrylic Roof Coatings: The flexibility and simplicity of application of acrylic coatings make them desirable. They create a flexible, weatherproof layer. Acrylic coatings are adaptable for commercial buildings since they work with many roofing materials.
  • Silicone Roof Coatings: Silicone coatings are water- and UV-resistant. They prevent scorching and peeling by creating a breathable barrier that releases moisture. Silicone coatings work well in rainy locations.
  • Roof polyurethane coatings: Polyurethane coatings resist UV and physical damage. They are chemical-resistant and robust, making them ideal for industrial roofing. Polyurethane coatings are weatherproof and strengthen roofs.
  • Reflective Roof Coatings: Heat reflectivity is high in aluminum-based reflective coatings. They cool the roof and structure by reducing solar absorption. Reflective coatings save energy and are suitable for sustainable homes.

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Roof coatings protect business roofs from UV radiation, provide waterproofing, energy efficiency, and prolong their lifetime. We master coating applications, customizing solutions for Jacksonville, AR commercial properties. Call us today on 870-849-0100 to get your estimate.