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A roof serves as the first defense for any building, protecting it from harsh rain, hail, sunlight, and debris blown in by the rain. If these inclement conditions have damaged the roof, it needs to be fixed quickly before water damage occurs and mold sets in. From leak repairs to troubleshooting for a roof’s flashing, our team at J&J Commercial Roofing can get the job done. With our roof repairs, clients can feel true peace of mind.

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The Impact of a Roof Leak

When building owners think of a faulty roof, they often picture one that is leaking. Unfortunately, leaks are certainly one of the most common kinds of roof troubles around. Roofs are continually battered by inclement weather, ranging from hail to rain to wind. Eventually, all of these undesirable conditions will lead to small cracks or holes in the roof, which allow water to leak in. Any type of roof can form a leak. Although shingles are especially prone to tearing, other materials such as tiles and even metal can split or break. 

When this occurs, the water that leaks in will cause a lot of damage to the interior of the business. Floors, ceilings, and walls will likely experience warping and staining, while even the foundation’s integrity can weaken. The outside of a building can deteriorate as well, with the siding and paint starting to bubble and peel. Prevent expensive roof replacements by always seeking repairs at the earliest convenience. 

Other Types of Roof Troubleshooting

Although leaks are a common kind of issue faced by roofs, there are other problems that can occur as well. It is important to keep an eye out for any of these faults. This way, property owners can protect their buildings from requiring time-intensive, costly replacements. 

Some other kinds of roof issues that require professional repair include:

  • Damaged flashing – The flashing on a roof is crucial for keeping the rain out. These components are usually placed around vents, chimneys, and air conditioning holes to seal them from moisture. Extreme winds or broken branches can easily tear a hole or dislocate the flashing entirely.
  • Punctured roofing – Usually, high-quality materials like TPO or EPDM are good at resisting penetrations from flying debris. However, if a flat roof has endured many years of weather erosion, or if it was never made of quality materials to begin with, it may become punctured.
  • Lost shingles – A couple of absent shingles here or there is no cause for emergency. However, large bald patches from missing shingles can be very problematic. 

Our team at J&J Commercial Roofing is dedicated to delivering fast solutions, whether our clients manage a commercial property or own a house. 

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