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Anything of value requires steady maintenance. Although missing one dental appointment will not necessarily result in a root canal, continually skipping them will result in disaster. Similarly, procrastinating on roof check-ups can cause a lot of problems. Fortunately, with dependable roof maintenance, J&J Commercial Roofing can extend the lifespan of any roof. 

How Often Should a Roof Receive Maintenance

The number one question that property owners ask in terms of maintenance is how often a roof should receive a professional checkup. Understandably, when there are so many bills to pay and tasks to keep track of, regular roof checkups can seem like a pain. However, since roof maintenance is the best way to keep them secure, these examinations should not be dismissed. In general, professionals advise building owners to have their roofs checked once a year. 

A commercial property, however, is often exposed to a lot more fumes, chemical sprays, and odors. If it is a flat roof that offers room for equipment or storage, it also undergoes much more foot traffic. This means it should be checked more often, usually at least twice a year. By speaking to our techs, commercial managers can be advised on a proper maintenance plan.

What Occurs During In-Depth Roof Inspection

A careful examination is a key part of roof maintenance. Our professionals will inspect the roof from top to bottom before advising the next action steps to take. By checking the interior of the attic to spot any stains, experts can see if leaks have allowed water damage to occur. Alternatively, even if there aren’t signs of warping or peeling on the inside, yet damaged flashing on the roof’s exterior could eventually lead to these problems. Expert roofing contractors will not only note what is going wrong but where the problem is located. 

Throughout the maintenance check-up, expect our knowledgeable techs to look for:

  • Large patches of absent shingles
  • Indications of mold, mildew, moss, or algae growing
  • Shingles that have come loose or are lifting
  • Flashing that is leaking, broken, or detached
  • Bolts and nails that have gone missing or are coming loose
  • Signs of curling on the edges of shingles
  • Worn spots on shingles or wood shakes

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    The Consequences of Organic Growth on a Roof

    While the growth of moss or lichen on a roof may seem harmless, or even lend a charming quality to a roof’s appearance, it is a hazard. Organic materials like moss, algae, fungi, and more make damp patches on a roof. Over time the roof materials will deteriorate, leaving the covering prone to leaks. Certain kinds of growth, like mold or mildew, are also very harmful to breathe. Let our specialists at J&J Commercial Roofing keep the roof clean and secure, whether you own a large commercial enterprise or an individual residence.

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