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Roofs are essential for every property. Here at J&J Commercial Roofing, our specialists are devoted to offering a wide range of roof types to our clients. With our dependable roof installations, there is no need to fear the next time a major storm blows through.

What to Consider When Planning a Roof Installation

Regardless of whether a roof is being added for a new office or whether an old manufacturing plant requires a replacement, it is crucial to plan the roof carefully. While business owners will want to think keep their available budget in mind, other components matter as well. Trying to cut corners in terms of cost could lead to a less reliable roof. A roof that is not sturdily built from the highest quality of materials will break much more easily, increasing expenditures. By talking about these critical elements in advance with our techs, commercial owners can have true peace of mind.

During a detailed consultation, our specialists can go over:

  • The desired slope or “pitch” of the roof
  • Which types of materials to use
  • How the roof will be structured
  • The overall weight of the roof covering
  • How long the roof installation will take

Why Considering Flat Roofs Is an Excellent Idea

Roofs that are used for residential properties are traditionally sloped. In contrast, commercial properties are more versatile in style, capable of being either high-sloped or low-sloped. Nevertheless, the fact that business owners can technically choose a roof with a steep slope does not mean it is always a good option. Over the years, commercial owners have increasingly veered toward having a “flat” roof, which is a roof with a pitch so shallow it virtually seems flat. This is because there are so many advantages that come from flat roofs.

A business can greatly benefit from a flat roof since these kinds of roofs:

  • Are much easier to clean and maintain
  • Provide a safe, smooth surface for anyone walking on top of them
  • Offer plenty of space to set up HVAC equipment or store tools
  • Can endure a lot of wear from the elements and natural disasters 

Get started with a trustworthy roof installation by reaching out to us now at (870) 849-0100 for more details.

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    3 Steps to Getting Your New Roof

    • 1. ‘Get My Estimate’

      Every roofing project our J&J Commercial Roofing team completes begins by scheduling a walk-through with our experienced and professional team. We then make sure to provide you with an accurate, fair, and estimate.

    • 2. Initial Consult

      At this stage, we send our experienced team out to walk your roof at absolutely no cost to you. We don't just get to know your roof, but we want to get to know you as well. It is an essential component to serving you with excellence and meeting your needs.

    • 3. We Send Our Team Out

      We pride ourselves on efficiency, flexibility, and respect for the clients business. Our team works with your schedule and is intentional about keeping the noise down to a minimum. Your overall experience with us is of upmost importance to our team.

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    How Long Do Roof Installations Take?

    Since time is money in the business world, any commercial manager will want their roof to be completed as quickly as possible. True quality takes time, however, and it is important to never rush an installation, at least if you want the results to last. Moreover, the installation process is greatly affected by the material type. Stone installations take a lot longer to perform than shingle installations, for example. Our knowledgeable team at J&J Commercial Roofing can walk residents through each step of the process, keeping them in the loop the whole way.                       

    Get started with a trustworthy roof installation by reaching out to us now at (870) 849-0100 for more details.

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