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Following an extensive storm, it is difficult for any property owner to pick up all the pieces. This is especially true for anyone who owns or manages a business. Not only are commercial properties more challenging to fix quickly, but they also are much more expensive. This is why it is so important to get started right away with filing an insurance claim. Let our empathetic team at J&J Commercial Roofing help with any type of roof insurance claims.

The Importance of Having Professional Support in Proving Damage

Although insurance companies are supposed to provide financial support that businesses or individuals so desperately need, they often create strict requirements. This is because insurance companies make money by selling insurance but then avoiding returning support later on.  By making the restrictions for a successful claim so narrow, insurance companies often succeed in denying financial recompense to needy clients. 

The best way for applicants to ensure their chances of success is by proving without a doubt that the damage to their roof was solely caused by an unexpected event. Fires, storms, and hurricanes are all examples of disasters that will be covered by insurance, whereas wear and tear are not. Our professional roofing contractors can help clients provide the necessary proof that a roof has undergone this kind of calamity. In many cases, clients can receive full coverage, if not partial coverage. Let our team at J&J Commercial Roofing assist you in getting the financial support you deserve. 

How to Estimate the Costs

To determine how much to claim when filing with an insurance company, it is important to fully inspect the roof. Our professionals will examine every component of the roof on the inside and out. Based on the damage we find, our experts will suggest the amount that can be claimed from insurance companies.

During an in-depth inspection, roofing contractors will make sure to check:

  • Whether the roof is leaking on the inside
  • The state of the flashing on top of the roof
  • Places where a low-slope roof has been gouged or dented

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    3 Steps to Getting Your New Roof

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      Every roofing project our J&J Commercial Roofing team completes begins by scheduling a walk-through with our experienced and professional team. We then make sure to provide you with an accurate, fair, and estimate.

    • 2. Initial Consult

      At this stage, we send our experienced team out to walk your roof at absolutely no cost to you. We don't just get to know your roof, but we want to get to know you as well. It is an essential component to serving you with excellence and meeting your needs.

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    Do I Still Need an Inspection If the Whole Roof Requires Replacement?

    In some cases, a roof is so obviously damaged after a natural disaster – or even completely missing – that business owners may wonder if inspections are necessary. The answer is that to get the maximum payment for a damaged roof, professional proof is always helpful. 

    Particularly if the entire roof needs to be replaced, this will require more money than a few repairs. Itemizing each issue that occurred with the roof is crucial to ensure that owners gain back as much financial support as possible as for the replacement. Trust our techs at J&J Commercial Roofing to walk you through each step of the claim process. 

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