Commercial Roofing Services

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Expert Roofing Solutions for Businesses throughout the South

At J&J Commercial Roofing, our clients always come first. Above all, we prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our clients, ensuring the best possible experience on every project. While we work efficiently to ensure jobs are completed quickly and on time, we don’t compromise quality for the sake of speed and quantity. 

Trust our experienced team for a full range of commercial roofing services, including: 

Whether it’s time to replace a roof that’s gradually worn down over the years, or a roof has encountered significant damage from a recent storm, we’re the team to depend on for quality solutions. 

Call J&J Commercial Roofing at (870) 849-0100 or send us a message online to schedule a free estimate with an experienced roofing contractor.

Potential Damage to a Commercial Roof

The roof is a commercial property’s first line of defense against the elements. After undergoing many long days in the sun, severe windstorms, and relentless heavy rains, roofs can develop several types of damage. 

The most common forms of roof damage include: 

  • Leaks 
  • Water damage 
  • Mold or mildew growth
  • Damaged flashing 
  • Pooling water 
  • Tree damage 
  • Broken or missing roofing materials 
  • Punctures and penetrations 
  • Cracking or blistering 

Is Commercial Roof Repair Covered by Insurance? 

In many cases, roof repairs are covered by a commercial building’s insurance policy. Some policies, for example, cover the cost of repairs when a roof has suffered from water damage. Many policies include coverage for repairs needed for damage caused by severe weather. J&J Commercial Roofing helps business owners deal with the insurance side of things to make sure they get the money they’re owed for certain types of roofing issues. Discovering what roof damage is covered by a particular policy begins by scheduling an inspection with our dedicated specialists.

3 Steps to Getting Your New Roof

  • 1. ‘Get My Estimate’

    Every roofing project our J&J Commercial Roofing team completes begins by scheduling a walk-through with our experienced and professional team. We then make sure to provide you with an accurate, fair, and estimate.

  • 2. Initial Consult

    At this stage, we send our experienced team out to walk your roof at absolutely no cost to you. We don't just get to know your roof, but we want to get to know you as well. It is an essential component to serving you with excellence and meeting your needs.

  • 3. We Send Our Team Out

    We pride ourselves on efficiency, flexibility, and respect for the clients business. Our team works with your schedule and is intentional about keeping the noise down to a minimum. Your overall experience with us is of upmost importance to our team.

Can Commercial Roof Repair Be Done in Winter?

Because roofing issues can arise at any time of year, sometimes roof repair is required during the winter. As long as there aren’t any threatening conditions for the roofers, such as heavy rain or icy surfaces, most roof repairs can be performed year-round. Roof replacements can also be carried out in winter, although some roof types require temperatures to be above 40 degrees to ensure proper installation.

How Long Does a Commercial Roof Last?

A roof’s life expectancy depends on several factors, including the type of materials, quality of installation, how it is maintained, and weather conditions. A roof that has been installed correctly, is composed of quality materials, is well cared for, and hasn’t undergone significant damage from severe weather can last 20 years or more. Making timely repairs to even minor damage can also go a long way in extending the life of a roof.

Reach out to a reliable commercial roofing contractor at (870) 849-0100 today! J&J Commercial Roofing ensures the highest level of craftsmanship on every project.